Bag Hardware in English-Chinese Jargon

The below chart will help, if you communicate with a Chinese bag hardware factory where there no one knows English.

Special bilingual terminology in bag industry
Chinese definition English definition
锆鞣革 Zirconium Tanned Leather
拉链 Zipper
拉头 Zip Puller
磁扣 Magnetic snaps/ magnetic fasteners/ magnetic clsorues
钥匙扣 Key chain
气眼 Grommet, eyelet
牛仔扣 Jeans button
磁性胸牌 Magnetic name badge/ Magnetic name tag
磁铁 Magnet
线 Yarn
织唛 Woven Label
白革;矾鞣革 White Leather
镶边革;贴边革 Welting Leather
织带 Webbing
可洗麂皮 Washable Chamois Leather
可洗皮革 Wash Leather
腰包 Waist Bag
排球革 Volleyball Leather
正绒面革 Velvet Leather
摩术贴 Velcro
植物鞣鞋底革 Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather
阀皮 Valve Leather
面革 Upper Leather
装饰用皮革 Upholstery Leather
双色调革 Two-tone Leather
拉杆 Trolley
旅行包 Traveling Bags
大手提袋 Tote Bag
扎染革 Tie and Dye Leather
纺织机用革 Textile Machinery Leather
合成皮带 Synthetic Leather
汗带皮 Sweat Band Leather
起毛皮革 Suede Leather
角钉 Stud
磨刀皮革 Strop Leather
肩带 Straps
镫革 Stirrup Leather
海棉 Sponge
肩包 Shoulder Bags
俄罗斯革 Russia(n)leather
搓条皮圈 Rubbing Leathers
橡胶 Rubber
粗鞣革 Rough-tanned Leather
绳子 Rope
机轴革 Roller Leather
轧制革 Rolled Leather
一种石棉 Rock Leather
柳钉 Rivet
尼龙丝带 Ribbon
补强片 Reinforce Panel
马具革 Rein Leather
冲孔 Punch
印刷图 Printing Artwork
钱包 Pouch(wallet)
旅行皮包革 Portmanteau Leather
塑料袋 Polybag
熨压皮革 Plated Leather
活塞填密皮 Piston Packing Leather
胶骨 Piping
钢琴革 Piano Leather
笔袋 Pencil Case
漆皮 Patent Leather
色卡 Pantone
垫料 Padded
包装 Packing
网袋 Net Pocket
配色 Match Color
唛头 Mark
商标 Logo
女士包 Lady Bag
内/外部 Interior/outer
里袋 Inner Pocket
内标 Inner Label
钩扣 Hook Buckle
挂牌 Hangtag
手把 Handle
前片 Front Panel
发泡 Foam
袋盖 Flap of Pocket
刺绣 Embroidery
压纹 Embossing
松紧带 Elastic
染色 Dyeing
装饰的 Decorative
隔层 Compartment
纸箱 Carton
纸板 Cardboard:
扣具 Buckle
公文包 Briefcase
底板 Bottom Board
底部 Bottom
水瓶 Bottle
捆边 Binding
条形码不干胶 Barcode Sticker
背包 Backpack
后片 Back Panel
可调节的 Adjustable
格子布 420d Ripstop

Hope it will be helpful.