In previous blog which Richarms introduced the magnet and collected some readers’ questions and our answer is as below:

Q: Why we call Neodymium magnets as king magnet?

A:– Its BH max is 2 times higher than SmCo magnet, 5-10 times higher than Ferrite magnet and 3-10 times higher than AlNiCo magnet.
– Its coercivity is 1.5 times higher than SmCo magnet, 5-10 times higher than ferrite magnet, and 5-15 times higher than AlNiCo magnet.

Q: How to magnetize the magnet ?

A:There are four methods of magnetization
1 Thickness Magnetization
Magnetized through width or length.
The inside magnet of the magnetic snap is magnetized in this way.

2 Diameter Magnetization
The magnet is magnetized through the diameter of a disc, ring, cylinder or tube magnet.

3 Radial Magnetization
A radially oriented magnet is a ring or cylinder magnet with the magnetic field on the outside diameter of the magnet instead of the face

4 Multi-Poles Magnetization
There would be at least 2 different poles on one face of the magnet.

Q: How to distinguish quickly Single pole or Both pole?

A: -With iron cap, both side magnetic power comes to one side, so one pole with strong magnetic power and the other pole nearly no power.
– Without iron cap, both pole with same power.


Q: How to distinguish quickly axially and diametrically orientated magnetization?

A: Without any tools, the magnets are absorbed on the side of the magnet and can not turn around side to side,

it is the diametrically orientated magnetization, otherwise it is the axially orientated magnetization.


Q:How to insulate the magnet ?

A:The good method to insulate the magnet is using the iron or foam.

The thicker of the iron or foam, the better the effect of divide magnetic field.


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