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Bag Pouches Hidden Magnet

Type: Permanent Magnets
Composite: Neodymium Magnet
Shape: make as order
Application: Industrial Magnet
Coatings: Ni, Zn, gold, silver, copper, epoxy, and so on
Tolerance: +/-0.03 to +/-0.15
Shapes: Arc/Disc/Bar/Block…
Grade: N3N35M-N52M,N35H-N50H,N33SH-N45SH
Sizes: customized
magnetize direction: Customized
delivery: by sea, by air, or by express
Temperature: The max operation temp is up to 230 d

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Type Permanent
Composite NdFeB Magnet
Shape Disc,Cylinder,Block,Ring,Countersunk,Segment,Trapezoid,
Ir-regular shapes and more custom shapes
Application Industrial Magnet
Magnetize direction Customized
Size Customized
Coating Ni, Zn, gold, silver, copper, epoxy, and so on
Tolerance +/-0.03 to +/-0.15
Working temperature The max operation temp is up to 230 degree centigrade
Delivery By sea, by air, or by express
Max Grade
Working N33-N52                     80°C
Temperat ure N35M-N45M              100°C
N33H-N50H               120°C
N33SH-N45SH           150°C
N30UH-N42UH           180°C
N30EH-N38EH           200°C
N28AH-N33AH           230°C

Magent in tube

Richarms supplies high strength hidden magnet for bag and purse pouches closures. These hidden magnet packed in long tube can be used as pocket closures. Our hidden magnet come in different strength and range in many sizes in both round and rectangular shapes.

Compared with a set of traditional magnetic snap, this magnetic closure packed in tube design offer a full seal solution as zipper does. It’s better than a zipper for it’s smart to close by attracted to the other side when the user just easy make the pouches both side closer, and the customer can be free from getting stuck.

In the above picture, magnet material is N45, size is 3mm diameter and  10mm length, diameter magnetized. Magnet size, grade and the tube length can be made as per your order.


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