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Extra Thin Magnetic Snaps

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Extra Thin Magnetic Snaps

Type: Standard/Basic/Classical/Round/Extra Thin/ Slim Magnetic snaps
Material: Brass, iron, magnet
Model Number: RC-E1020/1220/1420/1820
Customized Logo available: Laser, Caved, Tooling
Size: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 18mm
Color: Gold / Nickel / Gun / Rose Gold /Brush Ant / Other
Packing: box and carton
Shipping: LCL/ LDP/DHL / FedEx / TNT / Other

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10mm 12mm 14mm 18mm Extra Thin Round Magnetic Snaps for Bag, Purse & Journal

This brass magnetic snaps are extra thin as well as strong so that they sit flush with the material. Thickness is 2mm, Diameter comes into 10mm 12mm 14mm 18mm, 8mm can be customized, 20mm in another structure.
They are the perfect choice for applications where appearance is important and a strong hold is preferable, such as leather purse, tote, hand bag, journal cover, mini massage, backpack, shopping bag.
The magnet body is set into the thickness of the leather leaving a thin outer flange to lie flush with a leather bag’s surface.

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Extra Thin Magnetic Snaps Size List

Code Size Female snap
Picture Description
RC-E1020 10mm magnetic snap 2mm 6.2mm 9.8mm

10mm extra thin magnetic snaps

A powerful magnet in a very small size.
For small leather purse, mini wallet, eyeglass cases, toys, and electronic connection for the small device such as eye massager
RC-E1220 12mm magnetic snap 2mm 7.6mm 11.5mm

12mm extra thin magnetic snaps

Great for small purse,  front pocket wallet and packaging.
Flush face and small diameter.
RC-E1420 14mm magnetic snap 2mm 7.6mm 11mm

14mm extra thin magnetic snaps

Thin body. Standard strength.
Sleek, high-fashion snaps for purse, handbags, luggage, cases and journal cover.
RC-E1820 18mm magnetic snap 2mm 9mm 12mm

18mm extra thin magnetic snaps

Thin body with great holding power.
For handbags, tote, luggage, backpacks, packaging, automotive and aerospace.

Richarms offer different magnet strength for all market solution

The power of a magnetic snap is determined by the size and strength of the magnet used in its construction. Larger magnets with a higher magnetic strength will provide a stronger closure, while smaller magnets will provide a weaker closure. Some magnetic snaps are also adjustable, allowing users to adjust the power of the closure to their preference.

Richarms will offer our professional solution for tote, backpack, handbag, journal cover, gift box, and many purpose.

How magnetic snaps produce?

The female part of a magnetic snap typically contains the magnet, while the male part contains a ferromagnetic material that is attracted to the magnet, such as iron or steel, is magnetized.

What detail we would like to confirm with you when you need a perfect solution for your bag & purse, clothing, or mini electrical device?

Step 1: Choose Material
Female Capsule:  Iron, Common Brass or Environmental Brass available
Male Capsule: Iron

Step 2: Choose Finish types
Female snap: Plain, Pattern, Logo

Male snap: Plain, Wording, Logo

Step 3: Choose Magnetic Snaps Color

Email for more color options, like Spray Black, Epoxy Black, Rainbow, Pearl Nickel (Matt Nickel), Pearl Gold, Brush Nickel, Brush Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Black.etc

What’s the difference between hanging magnetic snaps and rolling magnetic snaps

Electroplating is divided into hanging plating, roll plating, continuous plating and brush plating, mainly related to the size and batch of parts to be plated.

Hanging plating and roll plating are two different methods of electroplating, a process in which a thin layer of metal is deposited onto the surface of a conductive material. Hanging plating involves suspending the object to be plated in a solution of the desired metal ions, using a wire or other hanging mechanism. This allows the entire surface of the object to be evenly coated with the metal. Roll plating, on the other hand, involves passing the object to be plated through a solution of the desired metal ions using a roller or conveyor belt. This method is more efficient for plating large or complex objects, but may result in uneven coverage or missing areas.

Our packaging for different types of purse closures
All of magnetic snap sizes can be provided with Legs, Stems or Rivets.
1 set = 1 Male, 1 Female, 2 Washers
10mm magnetic closures: 400 sets/box, 20 or 30 boxes/carton
12mm magnetic closures: 200 sets/box, 20 or 30 boxes/carton
14mm magnetic closures: 200 sets/box, 20 or 30 boxes/carton
18mm magnetic closures: 100 sets/box, 20 or 30 boxes/carton


What’s Magnetic Snaps?

Magnetic snaps are small magnets that are often used in clothing and accessories, such as purses and bags, to securely fasten the item closed. When two magnetic snaps are placed near each other, the magnets will attract and snap together, holding the item closed. They are a convenient and easy-to-use alternative to traditional fasteners, such as buttons or zippers.

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