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Square Magnetic Lock

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Square Magnetic Lock

Type: Square Magnetic Lock
Material: Brass, iron, magnet
Color: Gold / Nickel / Gun / Rose Gold /Brush Ant / Other
Packing: box and carton
Shipping: LCL/ DHL / FedEx / TNT / Other



Square Magnetic Lock

These magnets are ultra thin as well as strong so they sit flush with the material.
They are an excellent choice for applications where appearance is important.

Female Capsule:  Iron, Common Brass or Environmental Brass available
Male Capsule: Iron
Inner Magnet: Neodymium permanent magnet


Female Snap Female Snap Female Snap Male Snap Male Snap Prong picture Description
TH Length Width Length Width Length
3.4 21.2 17.1 21.2 14.5 11.6 Thin body with great

holding power.

3.4 17.1 13.1 17.1 10.3 7.3 For handbags, luggage,

backpacks, automotive

and aerospace.

1 set = 1 Male, 1 Female, 2 Washers
21mm, 100sets/box, 20boxes/ctn,
17mm: 200sets/box, 20boxes/ctn

How strong our regular offer
21mm / 1.1kg

Regular color are listed below. Custom finishes are also available to meet your requirements.



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