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Water Proof Magnetic Snaps

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Water Proof Magnetic Snaps

Type: Water Proof Invisible Sew In Magnetic Snaps with Plastic Cover
Composite: Neodymium Magnet, Iron Cap, PVC cover
Shape: make as order
Tolerance: +/-0.03 to +/-0.15
Grade: N3N35M-N52M,N35H-N50H,N33SH-N45SH
Sizes: customized
magnetize direction: Customized
delivery: by sea, by air, or by express
Temperature: The max operation temp is up to 230 d

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Water Proof Invisible Single Pole Sew In Magnetic Snaps with Plastic Cover

Sew-on magnetic snaps can be stitched into garments, child clothes, bags, apron, journal cover, and so on. It is waterproof.

The concealed magnetic button is made up of disc or rectangular neodymium magnet, iron shell and plastic film.One item favorable and one piece unfavorable equal as one pair.

If you want without iron shell, check here>> 

Our benefit is: the iron covering is 0.5 mm, as well as he magnets inside fits the shell flawlessly. That implies our magnets is larger and also the strength is solid than the covering is 1mm. And we can offer different magnetic material which result into different strength and working temperature as per customized order.

Magnetic Button Specification
Plastic Cover:  PVC, TPR
Metal Cover: Iron
Inner Magnet: Neodymium permanent magnet

Our stock size will be delivered within 3 days
Disc Shape (mm): 8×2, 10×2, 12×2, 15×2, 15×3, 17×2, 17×3, 18×2, 18×3, 20×2, 20×3, 22×3, 25×3
Rectangular Shape (mm): 20x10x2,27x8x3
Material/power: N30 N35

Other customized dimension lead time is 15-20 days


1 set = 1 “+”, 1 “-“, or customer can only order 1 pole

N3N35M-N52M, N35H-N50H, N33SH-N45SH

Standard finish is PLAIN metal cap, PLAIN or PATTERN plastic cover, logo customized available
Regular color is Zn. Custom finishes are also available to meet your requirements.



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