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4 06, 2019

Richarms Magnetic Snaps Production – Single/Double rivet magnetic snaps

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Do you know how the magnetic snaps produce? Here we show you the primier part production. It's premier part for Richarms single / double rivet magnetic snaps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiQMZr0jh_E

17 05, 2019

What are the most popular bag closures in 2022

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Handbags have become an important part of fashion accessory these year.   Here to show the most popular type of handbags in 2019   1 Briefcase It’s box shape case which is made of leather and bag closures (buckles, zippers, magnetic snap). Usually they are for carry files, laptop and etc. Popular color is brown and black. You can carry in the hand or cross the body. 2 Tote bag "Tote" means “carry”. It’s the most popular bags, large and easy to open and close, convenience for shopping. So, it’s also called shopping bag. Most of tote bag will use [...]

14 05, 2019

Bag Hardware in English-Chinese Jargon

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Bag Hardware in English-Chinese Jargon The below chart will help, if you communicate with a Chinese bag hardware factory where there no one knows English. Special bilingual terminology in bag industry Chinese definition English definition 锆鞣革 Zirconium Tanned Leather 拉链 Zipper 拉头 Zip Puller 磁扣 Magnetic snaps/ magnetic fasteners/ magnetic clsorues 钥匙扣 Key chain 气眼 Grommet, eyelet 牛仔扣 Jeans button 磁性胸牌 Magnetic name badge/ Magnetic name tag 磁铁 Magnet 线 Yarn 织唛 Woven Label 白革;矾鞣革 White Leather 镶边革;贴边革 Welting Leather 织带 Webbing 可洗麂皮 Washable Chamois Leather 可洗皮革 Wash Leather 腰包 Waist Bag 排球革 Volleyball Leather 正绒面革 Velvet Leather 摩术贴 Velcro [...]

7 03, 2019

Hey, Girls, Be Happy

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The weather always changed these days, which make me feel ups and downs. Just as the rules in our life, you cannot control what happen everyday. There will be lots of undetectable things waiting for you, and what's worse, most of them is not good. After a fall in the pit, you will not always gain wit, but you will always looking forward his romantic life. What's romantic? A thousand readers make a thousand hamlets. Similarly, if we don't limit the usage of an article , we will surprised to find different user will find his different way to applied [...]

14 01, 2019

What are the 5 main types of metal fitting?

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What are the 5 main types of metal fitting? If you ever break down the hardware,  you may found a plastic or metal attachment that serves a specific function: clip, snap, rotate, hook, grab, loop, and the like. Since we only make and sell metal hardware, this easy will focus on the 5  main types of metal accessories used for building hardware in leather: zinc, copper, nickel, iron, stainless steel. Zinc Often seen in Zinc die cast. Zinc was developed in the 1820’s. It’s one of the older metals we learned to extract and manipulate, which can tell you a lot [...]

14 01, 2019

Metal Fitting Industry’s Prospect

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Metal Fitting Industry's Prospect It's not an essay, it's Cheryl's outlook for the metal accessories market and our factory, and it will be kept updating. Most of the factories nearby keep finding chances to make transformation for the recent year, because all of our labor intensive manufacturing company are facing the problem of being taken place by automated production line and industrial transferring to low-cost Southeast Asian Countries. For us, we did worry about that as well before, but we don't wanner give up the precious family business. Therefore, we grasp every opportunity to inherit the factory instead. We think [...]

30 10, 2018

Sewing Magnetic Snaps for Perfect Bag Closures

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Magnetic snaps are a handy fastener solution for a variety of accessories and even apparel. The process of attaching them is pretty easy, as you’ll see here.  You basically mark the position, cut the slits for the prongs, mount the pieces and then fold the prongs down. You’re done! As with most sewing techniques, there are some tips and secrets to ensure that your finished project wears well.  Want to know what they are? In addition to magnetic snaps and your project, you’ll need these tools on-hand: 1. Sharp scissors 2. Pliers 3.Marking pen or pencil 4.Iron-on interfacing 5.Small piece of cardboard STEP 1: Apply [...]

27 04, 2018

Why handbags and luggage hardware accessories will be oxidized even after plating?

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handbags and luggage hardware accessories oxidation will occur after plating, for the following reasons: 1 .Production: after plating glazing oven temperature is too low, causing the protection film compactness is not strict, in daily life knocks damage protection film, causing oxidation. 2. Usage: - often encounter hard, sharp. - long term in a humid environment. - long term no maintenance.

27 04, 2018

What’s difference between hanging plating and rolling plating?

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What's difference between hanging plating and rolling plating? Metal accessories always with color plating, most of them will apply hanging plating and rolling plating. Do you know what' s difference between them? Hanging plating: Each items hanged up to be colored. Hanging plating make the color more even and shining, with higher price, available fore middle to high end market Rolling Plating: All items bath in a big barrel to be colored. Rolling plating make the color more with lower price, available fore middle to low end market

27 04, 2018

My fashion value based on 15-year production and 3-year Walmart vendor experience

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My fashion value based on 15-year production and 3-year Walmart vendor experience 1. black, white, gray, gold, silk are the colors to be last long and easy matched. 2. the bling bling metal accessories make leather goods look more fancy. 3. magnetic snaps make the closure more easy 4. basic design make collection more classical and never out-of-fashion To share your opinion with us, or to collect design idea from us, or to sourcing metal accessories with us, pls connect to to info@richarms.com


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