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Double Rivet Magnetic Snaps Fastener

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Double Rivet Magnetic Snaps Fastener

Type: Extra Thin Double Rivet Magnetic Snaps Fastener
Material: Brass, iron, Magnet
Model Number: RC-DR1020/1220/1420/1820
Logo: Without, can be customed
Size: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 18mm
Color: Gold / Nickel / Gun / Rose Gold /Brush Ant / Other
Packing: box and carton
Shipping: LCL/ DHL / FedEx / TNT / Other



Extra Thin Double Rivet Magnetic Snaps Fastener

High-powered magnet; can attach to washer on decorative caps.
Shown with Male and Female with rivet cap (optional on all our magnetic snaps).

Code and Size:

Code Size Female snap
Cap            Size Picture Description
RC-DR1020 10mm 2mm 6.2mm 9.8mm 9mm A powerful magnet in a very small size.
For small leather goods, eyeglass cases, toys
RC-DR1220 12mm 2mm 7.6mm 11.5mm 9mm Great for pockets and packaging.
Flush face and small diameter.
RC-DR1420 14mm 2mm 7.6mm 11mm 12mm Thin body. Standard strength.
Sleek, high-fashion snaps for handbags, luggage, cases.
RC-DR1820 18mm 2mm 9mm 12mm 12mm Thin body with great holding power.
For handbags, luggage, backpacks, automotive and aerospace.

Cap Size: Standard size is 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, customized available

Female Capsule:  Iron, Common Brass or Environmental Brass available
Male Capsule: Iron
Rivet Cap:Iron, Common Brass or Environmental Brass available

Inner Magnet : Neodymium permanent magnet.

Magnet Power depend on magnet size and the magnet grade


Female snap: Plain, Pattern, Logo

Male snap: Plain, Wording, Logo


All of these can be provided with Legs, Stems or Rivets.
1 set = 1 Male, 1 Female, 2 Rivet cap
10mm: 400 sets/box, 20 boxes/carton
12mm, 14mm: 200 sets/box, 20 boxes/carton
18mm: 100 sets/box, 20 boxes/carton

Difference between Hanging and rolling

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