Metal Fitting Industry’s Prospect

It’s not an essay, it’s Cheryl’s outlook for the metal accessories market and our factory, and it will be kept updating.

Most of the factories nearby keep finding chances to make transformation for the recent year, because all of our labor intensive manufacturing company are facing the problem of being taken place by automated production line and industrial transferring to low-cost Southeast Asian Countries. For us, we did worry about that as well before, but we don’t wanner give up the precious family business.

Therefore, we grasp every opportunity to inherit the factory instead.

We think we don’t need to worry about the market:

Almost all types of leather goods require some or other types of metal fittings.
For example, suitcases require locks, stoppers and handle. Waist belt requires buckles.

The demand for these items is increasing with the growth in the leather goods making industries.
Customer demand for the leather goods is growing in the the world.
Increasing in purchasing power and change fashion will increase the demand still further.
In addition, demand for DIY leather goods in global market has gone up considerably in recent year.

Not finished…